Finally, there is a U in TEAM!

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The Problem

Agility is a team sport. Great agile teams tackle complex problems, deliver and innovate at great speed, and bring joy to their members (and sponsors!).

But, let's face it, few of us can actually call their team "high performance".

Research says that it takes between 4 to 8 months for a team to reach a high performing stage... that is, for the 17% of teams to ever reach that stage!1


The Solution

Unfortunately, there is no simple recipe to reach that nirvana... Most of us resort to trial and error and have very limited successes.

That is... until today...

Agile-U for Teams is a recipe for transforming or tuning groups towards high performance teams. It incorporates the latest research to guide your team to the higher stages of development.


How do I play?

The model is free (under Creative Commons License) and will soon be available on will host a step-by-step diagnostic and guide based on the simple recipe.

Finally, there is a U in Team: YOU can fix your team. When would you like to start?

1Wheelan, Susan A.. Creating Effective Teams: A Guide for Members and Leaders.